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Having the domain expertise, deep investor network, and being highly proactive are table stakes. What sets FNK IR apart is that we are a boutique firm with exclusively senior-level expertise. We partner with select companies where we know we can make a positive impact -- and we are at home handling the toughest assignments. Partnering with the leadership team, we make strategic IR a core component of the broader value creation strategy. 

We have decades of experience investing in, partnering with, and working at micro- and small-cap public companies. This means we understand the unique challenges that smaller public companies face and the risk-aware approach to security selection
that investors use to uncover and evaluate investment these opportunities.


We have cultivated an extensive network across the micro- and small-cap investment community on both the buy and sell-side. This means we have established relationships and can target the right group of investors attracted to smaller companies that are often in transition, we have the institutional relationships with those who can support your company, and we can obtain the feedback on how the Street perceives your company and that is a hallmark of our comprehensive approach.


We know that providing strategic IR support to micro- and small-caps requires a tirelessly proactive approach to positioning and targeting. This is even more the case for companies in transition. We have the capital markets expertise and experience to help clients address any number of events or situations that have impeded the market's ability to properly understand and value your unique situation.


We staff client engagements exclusively with senior talent -- because we know this is how clients receive the best counsel (and don't have anyone on our team that isn't senior!). This means you're always getting the "A" team, and is why we only represent a select group of clients in order to maximize the resources we dedicate.


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