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Introducing FNK interimIRo.

We can help solve a short-term IR need for your company, then assist in identifying and onboarding a full-time in-house IR to replace us.

Flexibility / month-to-month contract

Speed / Onboard FNK IR within days

Hire FNK IR before you need a full-time IRO

We bridge the gap between an outsourced consultant and an in-house resource

What makes an ideal FNK Interim IRO client?

FNK Interim IRO is for companies reluctant to partner with yet another IR consultant but not yet ready to commit to a full-time internal resource. We aren’t going to be as cheap as a typical consulting relationship but we’ll be the best match for price and total value – and you’ll maintain full flexibility.

How long is an Interim IRO assignment?

Assignments range depending on the needs of an organization. An IR leader might come on board for a few months while a permanent search is taking place or can serve in an ongoing role as a fractional IRO until a permanent or full-time IR leader is needed. An Interim IRO may come on board anywhere from 3 months to 1 year, with the average being 6 months.

How are contracts with an Interim IRO structured?

Interim IRO contracts are structured as retainers with a month-to-month contract. There is never an employee/employer relationship created and the assignment is focused on specific deliverables and results. Bringing on an Interim IRO is low risk and with a standard 60-day cancellation clause you can scale up or scale back services as need be.

Contact us to find out how we can help.

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